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AdvoCare has become something to me that I have never had before.

I have spent the majority of my 31 years on earth, on a diet. I have tried everything there is to try to loose weight. You name it, healthy or unhealthy, crazy, just plain stupid, I have probably tried it. So, when a friend handed me a SPARK, my thought was, 'Yea right! I am sure this will really work.' To be honest, I never even tried that SPARK she gave me. But, it did spark an interest in me. It sparked the desire to try, yet again, to loose weight. So, I did what anyone would do. I Googled 'AdvoCare'. Then I read everything there was to read about the company, the products, etc. So, maybe I did a little more than most people would do. I am a self confessed nerd, and have a bit of OCD in me.

Once I read the information, something sparked up in me that has not been there in a while, hope. I hoped that maybe, just maybe, AdvoCare was the answer to the my weight loss struggles. I hoped that AdvoCare would be able to help me get health, fit, and truly become the women I am intended and perfectly created to be.

I asked my friend (who gave me the first SPARK) about the AdvoCare 24 day challenge, and we decided to both do it together. I have never been able to truly commit and complete ANY program. Let me say that again in words that many of you will understand. I CHEAT! I BINGE! I LIE to myself that it is okay to take a can of icing out of the fridge and dip my finger in it because it is only a 'little bit'. I hide the candy wrappers in the trash so I don't have to confess to my husband why we just spent so much money on a diet, eating plan, product, etc and yet again, I failed. But, with AdvoCare it was different. With the AdvoCare 24 day challenge, it was different. It was different because I DIDN'T CHEAT! I didn't even want to cheat. And, I started to work out. Not only did I start to work out, but I started to go to a boot camp, and I liked it. Yes, I said I liked it.

So, 24 days came and went, and I stayed on the program. I COMPLETED IT. So, I went to weigh and measure with my friend. And, get this, I lost 2 pounds. Yes, I said 2 pounds. I was dumb founded, but not devastated like I would have been before. Because, for the first time, I felt good. I didn't want to claw someone's eyes out while eating healthy. I didn't feel deprived. I had energy. I was sleeping well. I didn't have the jitters. Now, don't get me wrong. I was pretty upset I didn't drop 18 pounds like my friend, but not to the point of quitting. And then... we measured! I lost a total of 10.25 inches. I nearly passed out with the tape measure around my waste when she said I lost 2 inches in my waste! I almost cried when she said I lost 3 inches in my hips! Those are MAJOR areas where I carry ALL my weight. I even lost an inch in my arms where the rest of my lovely fat reserves are stored. Some other significant inches came off my thigh, and a bit off my calves. With that information, I started my AdvoCare journey.

It is a journey because I know that getting healthy for my 2 boys, Zach (3) and Jake (1) and my husband of 9 years James is going to be a journey. I know that becoming debt free, getting a discount on products is a journey. I know that helping my family and friends feel better, and have the energy and health to serve in all the capacities they are called to serve is a journey.

My AdvoCare is a journey. A journey to healthy, wealth, and happiness. I invite you to try the products and join this journey with me. It is one I promise, you will never regret. It is also one you and your family cannot afford to miss.

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Not Just Another Weight Loss Gimic

Naturally, when my wife said "I want to try the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge", I was a little skeptical. Normally, what this meant was that I was going to try yet another diet and drop $$$ on more diet products (or juices or vitamins or whatever) that just don't work. I mean I'd been down that path. I practically paved that path with gold from all the money I had dropped on those other products. And to compound the problem, I had sacrificed things I had come to enjoy, like taste.

Here's the thing though. Fourteen days into the challenge, and I am down 9 lbs. I'm seeing results at the gym (And I am not a guy who just jumped off the coach and bought I gym membership. I go to the gym regularly.). I have energy at work without coffee or sodas. I feel healthy, my clothes fit better, and I am excited to find something that works. At the end of the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, I'm down 14 lbs. No crazy soups, no 450 calorie/day diets, no drinking gross tasting shakes or mixes; just fitness, nutrition, and supplements.

Now that the 24 Day Challenge is over, I'm excited to try other AdvoCare products. AdvoCare works! The products may seem expensive, but I believe they are worth it. I went from skeptic to believer. In my eyes, to pay a little more for one product is better than paying for products that simply do not work. I am so happy my wife found AdvoCare. If you try the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, I am sure you will be happy too.